You don't have the Strength to be a Celebrity

re: the random acts of Usher's ex-wife Tameka against bloggers

personally i think that all “celebrity” bloggers, writers, paparazzi, haters, etc. are hustling their way to making money. and though this money isn’t millions, they pride their “work” on sensationalism at the expense of others SANITY! she has the RIGHT to be upset. in the study of journalism, there is a code of ethics to which many bloggers do not subscribe [and plenty journalists are questionable as well]. it behooves any one’s success to be built on the backs of people’s dirty laundry. but because i respect the hustle, it is what it is.

however, when you cross the line of reporting people’s business you cross the line of fair game. why isn’t it appropriate for her to harass anyone who, a seemingly INSIGNIFICANT person who does not know her, her family, or her story, re-create images and experiences that are heart breaking for a her to endure [a PUBLIC divorce] that 90% of this world handles privately you blast for the public to know? for money? ummm did anyone see the movie gossip? cruel intentions? its the price you pay for your glory as a blogger. that’s my 22cents–pull ya balls back out and take the harassment in stride. its what you wanted anyway—attention. this is all about attention. and because a person has made mistakes that you wouldn’t know your neighbor has made but because she is a “public figure” she should take it?

now i’m not saying i condone the “temper tantrum” nature of Ms.Raymond. but i do feel that her PUBIC DISGUST AND DISAPPROVAL has the right to be displayed. mostly because, she is responsible for the success of 5 men–her sons–and instead of respecting her RIGHT TO PRIVACY, she has to not only deal with the public gossip that can affect her sons, she has to consider how they will be affected in the long run. and you join the many who’s opinion doesn’t matter because if it were you, you wouldn’t be strong enough to handle the criticism.