do you know who you are?

whether we want to believe it or not--USA is the King S*#t!

working with international clients and listening to what they feel about us speaks volumes to the power play we have in the world. we created the UN. we took several countries and made them our TERRITORY. we have made English language what it is. our media system has perpetuated every known stereotype of gang culture, violence, wealth, fame--everything! we have created this. we don't think we have power? how simple! we came to USA as outcasts, political refugees, criminals, and religious reformers. from just those 13 colonies we kicked britain's @$$ and declared our freedom. with just 13 colonies! we have the most powerful military and we are the Alphas on the yard.

it makes me wonder, do you, the bloggers, the entertainers, the gov't, the citizens, the wealth, realize the power we have to CHANGE THE WORLD!? obama being elected and well-received by the international arena should encourage us to really move out of business as usual--not just in politricks, but in business, education, health care, nutrition, and welfare of our fellow American. as citizens, we refuse to take responsibility for our actions, leaving our gov't to chance when we are the gov't. honestly we should just switch to dictatorship because people don't care anyway. why should you be privileged in any way to have privacy and liberty when you are so careless right now?