evolving creations

sometimes i sit and just read the concordance to the Bible. am I the only one fascinated with how we humans process information? i mean seriously---the queen of conspiracies is back at it and my mind has been screwing me lately...really good.

the latest: creation vs. evolution
i totally think this is the same thing. what science lacks the Bible makes up. i mean really. if you look at how God reveals [and i hate caps so i'm reverting to lc--G is my homebo{d}y He understands] the legacies of each nation since adam. well we know adam's geneaology [kick me idc] has been wiped from the earth since noah. but if you read through the obvious, we see that man was living at least 800 years at a time. after a while, i'm sure that adds up significantly to the 10,000 20,000 b.c's. that's just the history of life with man biblically. although its rather hard to compare bible to our scale of evolution, i mean to me it makes since---why doesn't it make sense to everyone? i will never know.

break break down?

animals---we all know God created heavens and the earth in six days. animals first. some theologians have it [looking for corrections if they may arise] that 1000 years is like one day in his eyes. so we have about a 7000 year process [not finite because our feeble minds could not fathom his greatness] in just making the earth what it is. then we have the beasts of the earth. interesting enough we have humans to conjure all of these stories--but hey if God gave revelation about JC then it is more than possible that scientists have been blessed with a gift [received w/o repentance b/c intellect is given without your acknowledgement of the divine power] to say that dinosaurs roamed the earth. quite possible because the significant earth shattering events revealed in the bible speak of unclean beasts that could not make it on the ark. well science attributes the extinction to big bangs and such--or divine start-overs? what science can't explain, the bible helps out.

humans---most significant to the entire beef between evolutionists and creationists is the belief that humans evolved from apes. now--hmm---as a child, before God, i was perplexed by this rationale. mostly because scientists STILL can't explain the gap between monkeys and humans. and if they can---i STILL don't believe it. it just seems like b.s. to me. maybe the first humans, the adams and the eves, the cave men, the aborigines [sp? and they are still alive--some of them in aussie] looked like monkeys. but to me i think God was practicing. friends laugh at me when i say that and i'm amused by that idea as well. but seriously...first cavemen, then aborginies, and then the human that we know of today is still evolving. we have to expect the life expectancy to increase as technology and medicine advances. our children will likely live twice as long as we will because we are living three times as long as those in the 1800s. not counting the oldest woman that died at 115--now the oldest woman alive was born on 9/10/1893. unbelievable.

it is so much conflict around this topic and i guess my bleeding heart would like the world to just be at peace and neighbors to be neighbors. but we all know that peace may as well signify Zion. everyone wants to be the originator of something. but the bible has always remained constant. life is interesting unemployed---

*skips down memory lane*