life's reality lens

"21 Grams" and "Some Girls"--
"there are so many mysteries happening all the time right under your nose"

we walk around this earth unbeknownst to what lies around the next corner or what will happen in the next second. we are arrogant to think that we are given this life to do as we please and make choices "with or without God." it is perplexing this so called life. the phenomenon and glory is of course in God in all His magnificence [sp]. but even more perplexing is the concept of individuality..the art of the individual in its rarest form.

just think--perhaps we come across 25K people a day. and that is just in passing---walking pass on the street, in the mall, at work, on public transportation, in church...everywhere. yet we truly don't understand what that person is going through. at the point of contact they assume a collective role in the environment and are removed from there own problems or lack thereof. we look people in the eye and they are one of 50 on a train--yet we will never know what they are thinking of us. or where they will walk and who they will kiss or avoid when they move in their life. during the holidays we wear many hats--daughter, aunt, niece, granddaughter, sister, godcousin, oldest, youngest--in a family. but even though you grow up with this family and with all of these people you will be only one to walk a mile in your shoes.

i'm fascinated with this concept. so much so i find myself daydreaming of what life is to the ones i come in contact with throughout the day. talking to my friend on the phone i was watching keyshia cole's sitcom. i find myself talking about celebrities as if i really "life" [i rewrote life because that was what i first typed--freudian slip] like the idea of celebreality. she jokes that i live my life through the celebrities. and i think my infatuation with the mystery of life could be misinterpreted as such however i am more concerned with how one can live an interpretation of their life all the time? that's what celebrity is--and often people get so caught up in that "celebreality" because it consumes them through paparazzi, tabloids, and most of all MONEY. what's even scarier is watching these celebrities get so caught up that they believe they have to "reinvent" their images to keep getting money. how perplexing--modern day double consciousness--when do you take a break if you are always on stage?