at 6am you receive a phone call saying that you are being arrested and there are 2 officers outside your door waiting for you. please come open the door and let's do this as quietly as possible to not wake your kids or the media. *chuckling* i would ask is this a joke too! i can only imagine what you say to your wife when she looks at you and wonder why you look so nervous. and who do you call? who can you call when everyone is against you? you thought you had it in the bag? you thought it was SWEET? yeah you crossed the wrong one B. that's what i think about. if it were me and i received that call i would look at my wife and hang my head. because your conscience has to let you know that you are caught up! he knew he was caught up yesterday---we all have this feeling that something isn't right when stuff is about to hit the fan.

but it is a sad day in IL politics given the recent developments of Blago's crooked intentions. watching US Attorney Fitzgerald, i was hurt. although its a governor position is a statewide position than city focused, chicago is truly the powerhouse of IL next to springfield. i am disappointed but i am relieved. mostly because, as a woman of faith, i know that He is working. we see that Obama is getting the best of the brightest on his team. he is praying, I know for a new day in politics. how would it look for this to hit the fan in Spring 2009!? it is a blessing that it surfaced when it did because who knows how it could have affected citizens and who will be put into the senate. now we will be watching and paying attention.

i think what is most disappointing is that the corruption is way deeper than selling the senate seat like a "sports agent." from campaign funding issues, to Blago trying to increase his pay, to appropriating gov't dollars effectively speaks volumes to his character and his ability to be a person with power. it has officially motivated me to continue forth with obtaining a degree in public policy and administration.

just think: we will be 40 really soon and it will be our responsibility to lead this country. do you have any one that you can look at in your classes, on twitter, on the news, at your workplace that you see potentially leading this country?! no because we haven't developed our children--we have just made due! it is time for us to start thinking ahead people we are getting too OLD for the same old thing! encourage everyone, friends, family, co-workers, bosses, everyone to go back to school and be ALL you can be. we are so much greater than this America! WE ARE THE UNITED STATES--THE HNIC! WHAT THE HELL!? DO YOU NOT KNOW YOUR BLOODLINE!?