advised reflection

its so cute
to watch you two
who would have thunk
which one knew
i asked how did you know?
was it how she talked?
how he walked?
the way she puffed her hair?
the way his jaw dropped and stared?
did she give you butterflies?
did you like the way she looked at you eye to eye?
did he kiss you first?
did she make twilights burst?
i bet you thought couldn't get her
by the way he talked made you light as a feather
was it her real eyelashes blinking?
was it his vibe that had you thinking?
is this it?
i'll do it all for you
but its too soon to---
so i will make it harder for dude
why is she so rude?
would he look good at 50 nude..?.
is this it?
let me run faster
let me chase longer
let me stop it here
let me see if she will hold me near
when did you know this would be it?
when did you know he was the one?
when did you know she had come?
when did reality sink in?
and on that knee you bent
its the single friend binge
unsure and anxiety
you know they are close
but not sure their proximity
finally you get to advise
on when you knew
you had the prize