peace - pt 2

betwixt two strangers a leap of faith a failed embrace
a missed opportunity regret for two lifetimes
becuz of one line
with few words that were absurd
and inserted betwixt space, time,
and desperate opportunity to appeal
yet you revealed the scar of times past
of wasted sand in this hourglass
racing against the biological clock of this conflicted soul within a species
with foretold regret and little discernment
how you beat me constantly with anticipation
and the lines of elation define my face yet the wrinkles of disgrace are not far behind
i listen
oh have mercy My child
and rest and peace be still
be - still
let the shells of peace shoot out
and shred the insides of doubt
that delight in the seedy underbellies of your misplaced intention
and though their clock may tick
on and on and
not one second will you have in the mind youw wish to control
so with calm measure and graceful disposition have mercy My child
be gentle, meek, and mild with those i have surrounded
because life comes one second at a time
and with few words
you can injure the multifacets of design
it has been promised in due season
that your love will appear without rhyme or reason
and you will be gracious and honorable and set high on the stool
where these few words will plant seeds and reap fields
and peace
be - still