air stretched
two friendsly souls
under one substance
mind control
higher powers respect
the certain times and hours
retreat is but defeat
i stand forever a fighter
to the end to the death
and though i come in peace
i quickly breathe relief
didn't want the cream cheese
to be heated over beef
i quietly take a seat
amidst the night burnt streets
taking a silent oath
and a prayer for the best
in His will
by His bill
it can't kill
unless it causes hot frills
thinking its just chill
but deal or no deal
know I rehearsed the drill
just to be grilled
please ask me one question sir
please ask me
yes i did say sir
my bad, what do you prefer?
oh! you didn't think i had a tight grip
didn't know my lip was so flip
please pardon just proper respect
i guess your "self" settles for less
i may not be a gangsta
is that what they're calling it?
a dangerous negro
when i come in
you won't know what to call it
i sware i love those bookaholics
servin brains
main entree knowledge
having mind sex
volume by volume
in the main stacks..

ok so a truly random freewrite
hustle and flow? no? maybe?