Words from a Cynical Lover

words from a cynic---no pun

i think that people have confused the concept of love with the power of emotion. at what point will one begin to relate to an individual to determine if they are capable of accepting the love one has to give? when did just saying i love you become the end all be all? when did a word become the permission slip to the altar or some metaphorical semblance of an altar?

if i could share a few things i have learned about loving another human--you will never get back what you put in until you invest that same time and energy on self development.

God will give us the desires of our heart IF it matches the will He has for our lives [marinate]

just because someone says they love you or they are in love with you does not equate successful relationship. people are here to disappoint you and through that disappointment teach you a lesson.

which therein lies the fundamental point--every experience you have teaches you another facet of love. just because it does not end with horse and carriage does not mean you are not being prepared for something bigger and better.

in my opinion, relationships, unless predetermined and blessed, are not built to last. our assimilation into humanity has taught us to believe that any person could be the one because we are trying to craft our destiny. i think we do ourselves and our innerman a huge injustice by believing that joining two souls can be as simple as circling yes or no or saying i do or saying i love you.

our concept of love is selfish. we want to fall in love but can't stand on our own two feet. we want pretty wings but have dirty nests. saying i love you is not close to the beginning of the battle. until one is able to forgive with no record of wrongdoing, treat others the way they want to be treated, be patient, kind, and humble, then loving someone and loving yourself are just preconcieved notions taught to us when we play house in kindergarten.

more to come....