be still - pt 1

in few words or less
i was put to this mind test
to determine if i was ready
once again
i jumped the broom
with impatience my bridegroom
whom has this heart swooned
by the epiphanic sounds of love
murmurs and whispers deter even the hardest
and the slightest move
can push me head first into darkness
where light shines
i told u the truth
the first one to know in awhile
and you were beneath my expectation
but i met you where you were
and you still played me like
what did i say? what did i do this time?
is it a crime?
the actions on my mind that plague my heart
no i'm obligated to you by these few words
that for once were absurdly inserted
in epic sound pattern, bytes, and codes
and here
i remain because this stain
how it remains